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We come to another years end. Sadly weather must have been a factor in the poor turnout we experienced Sunday. We had less than twenty shooters on the line. I say less than twenty because I [...]

Cast Bullet Match June 2022

The June cast bullet match was held on the 18th.  Weather was dry (for a change) with clouds and occasional blustery winds.   Nine shooters attended, firing in 4 different classes (Production, [...]

SRC’s May cast bullet bench rest match took place on 21 May.  Two of our regular shooters were absent, and the Canadian contingent continues to have issues with border crossing.  We are [...]


Well gang we managed to pull off another great shooting day. We had twenty-two rifles on the line, some new blood adding to the old mix-up. There were five pistol shooters and some great scores, [...]

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