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Dusty McQuary Hi Power Division Chairman
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Competition rifle shooting probably started about three minutes after the second ever firearm was built.

Any time you can combine skill, challenge, technology, and craftsmanship you’ve got yourself a sport. It could be car racing or curling. snow boarding or shooting.

Despite centuries of firearm development, rifle competition as we know it today didn’t start to gel until the early 20th century.

It was the combination of the nearly concurrent development of smokeless powder, metallic cartridges, quality steel, and modern manufacturing that made competition shooting affordable to the masses.

Throw in a few million riflemen trained by Uncle Sam in just 30 years and it should be no surprise that interest in rifle shooting grew enormously.

Today, the term “High Power Rifle Competition” includes a multitude of popular shooting sports.

There are at least two key elements common to all High Power competition. The first is pretty obvious: Center fire rifles. The second is marksmanship fundamentals.

All the various disciplines of High Power reward the basic skills of position, sight picture, trigger control, and consistency. These basics are the foundation of nearly all other types of shooting sports.

A Copy of Our New Shooter’s Guide to NRA F-Class can be found here: high-power-class-guide

As the club’s name states, rifle shooting has been a part of the Spokane Rifle Club history since its inception in 1916 and a quick glance at the trophy case shows that competition shooting has followed along.

SRC has three active categories of competition:  Across the Course (also known as Traditional High Power), F-Class, and Vintage Military.

Traditional High Power is the original sport and is closely tied to military marksmanship training. Competitors shoot from the classic positions of prone, sitting, and standing, at distances of 200 to 600 yards. The only support allowed for Traditional High Power is a rifle sling. Until recently, only iron sights were allowed, but now optics are permitted.

F-Class is a newer and popular sport where long-range precision is the goal as shooters shoot from a supported prone position. Flat shooting calibers and quality optics fill the firing line. Learning how to read the wind conditions is critical given the very small scoring rings.

Vintage Military matches are geared to fun with ranges limited to 200 yards or less with surplus military rifles that are often plentiful and inexpensive.

As with most SRC Divisions, quality loaner equipment and division specific instruction is available for members who would like to give the sport a try.

The focus of SRC’s High Power Division is on safety and fun. The nature of the sport allows old, young, male, and female participants to compete side by side. Come join us for a while and at the very minimum you will leave as a better marksman and you will have met some new friends.

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