2024 Competition Season

Welcome to another new season of opportunity!  I expect to host a series of matches beginning in February and continuing through October and we like to think we offer something for everyone.  Much like past seasons we will organize matches for traditional across the course, CMP games, and F-Class.  The club Outdoor Calendar has been updated with match dates and I’ll attempt to get the schedule and match bulletins posted here.   Our season will kick off with the popular and humbling 60 shot offhand match on Feb 25 at 9am.  Wednesday afternoon practices will begin on March 13th.  Mid range practices will commence in April and will continue on the 3rd Wednesday of each month through October.

We welcome club members who are interested in friendly competitions and we can easily and safely introduce you to one of the oldest American sports.  Our practices are the best way to learn more about how matches are run and to become a better marksman.  You can email me at srchighpower@gmail.com  for information and coordination.  The practice sessions are for club members only, but our matches are open to all.  Besides just our local matches, many of us travel to other regional matches around the PNW.  If you really get hooked, you can even make a trip to the Superbowl of shooting, Camp Perry, OH for the National Matches.

As in previous seasons, Randell Vansant will be the F-Class match director and he is a great resource for questions about rules, gear, and procedures for that particular match format.

If you like, I can add you to my email list for additional information throughout the year.-  For club members, I’ll try to keep you posted on current club activities and governance.  For non members, my emails are about shooting events and schedules.

If you are not a member of Spokane Rifle Club yet, I encourage you to join!  We are fortunate indeed to have such a fantastic range at our disposal.  Check out our website to learn about other groups within Spokane Rifle Club ranging from our very popular Women’s division to muzzle loaders and everything in between.

See you on the range.


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