Outcome of Special Member Meeting Held July 17th

The SRC board would like to thank all the members who gave up their Monday evening to attend the special meeting at the club and support the decision of the board.  Here are the results and number of votes for each option:
  • Option 1 Raise Dues                                        113 votes
  • Option 2 Close 4 days a week                            2 votes
  • Option 3 Raise Dues & Close 1 day a week     9 votes
Additionally, there 117 votes to approve minor bylaw changes (4 votes against).
 The board again thanks the members and invites them to the Shotgun House on the 2nd Monday of each month to attend board meetings.  Annual dues will increase to $250 by 2025 ($62.50 each year over the next 2 years).
If you have questions please reach out to your division heads (email addresses on each division’s webpage in dropdown menu above) as they’re informed and happy to answer questions.
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