Rules & Procedures

Range safety can not be over emphasized.

A Range Safety Officer (RSO) is on duty when the Spokane Rifle Club is open.

All range rules are displayed on bulletin boards at each Spokane Rifle Club range.

A safety card for individuals is available. The same safety card information is listed below. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with and completely understand the range procedures and rules listed below.

Actions on all firearms are to be kept open at all times while on the range unless in the actual act of firing. Even while being transported (by foot or vehicle) around the range.

Visually clear the chamber and/or magazine while “safeing” the firearm.

The speed limit on all Spokane Rifle Club roads is 10 mph.

Range Procedures and Rules – Safety Card

  1. All actions on all firearms are to be open and all firearms unloaded except during the actual firing procedure. This includes concealed firearms brought to the range for practice and unholstered at the line.
  2. All firearms brought to the line cased must be uncased and recased while pointing downrange.
  3. Never aim any firearm from behind the firing lines for any purpose.
  4. When a cease fire is called, the buzzer and light will be activated to safe the line. (It’s normal to ask other people for a cease fire.)
  5. During cease fire everyone on the firing line will step behind the yellow line away from the firearms which should be pointed down range or “in the rack”.
  6. The handling of any firearms on the firing line or at the back benches during a cease fire is strictly prohibited.
  7. Only when the range is clear and everyone is back from hanging targets or removing targets, policing brass, etc., will the cease fire end. A ready condition will be called. The buzzer and light will be used to reactivate the line and only then will handling, loading, and firing commence.
  8. Only paper targets may be used and attached in a manner to prevent bullets from hitting the frames and to ensure their safe impacting into the back stops.
  9. On completing firing, all targets will be removed by the shooter, brass policed and any club staplers, scopes, etc., returned to their proper location.
  10. Firing will be done only from established firing points onto the target frame designated for that position. NO cross firing is allowed.
  11. Fully automatic fire is not permitted on this range. Rapid fire exceeding one round per second is not permitted. Violators will be required to leave the range premises.
  12. Eye and ear protection are required for shooters, bystanders, and observers.
  13. Minor children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member at all times and be no further away than the next shooting position.
  14. During an organized shoot, additional rules may be in effect along with the above rules and procedures.
  15. No drugs are permitted. No alcoholic beverages are permitted before or during shooting.
  16. Additional rules and procedures for the shotgun and indoor range are posted at those ranges.
  17. All members are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.


RAPID FIRING Rapid fire will be no faster than one round per second
regardless of member ability.  If, for any reason, a Range Safety Officer (RSO) should ask you to “slow down” please comply without argument.  Any further issue will be addressed by the Executive Officer or a board member.

RIMFIRE/PISTOL CALIBERS/BUCKSHOT Rimfire, pistol calibers, and buckshot are prohibited at the 200 yd line.

50 CAL BMG 50 cal BMG firearms are prohibited on all Spokane Rifle Club ranges.


Range Rules for Minors

Please note, these rules apply to all minors shooting on any Spokane Rifle Club range.

  1. Any minor shooting must have adult supervision as further described below.
  2. Adult supervision is here described:
    1. Shooters must check in with the range officer on duty before shooting begins.
    2. The adult will carry the firearms to and from the firing line.
    3. One adult per minor supervising at arm’s length at all times while on the firing line.
    4. The adult may not be shooting or engaged in other activities while supervising a minor shooter.
  3. The following exceptions to the above rules apply:
    1. For pistol shooting only, a minor must be 14 years of age or older.
    2. Minors who have earned unescorted privileges as a member of the Junior Rifle Team are exempt from the escort requirement.
    3. Minors participating in authorized Hunters Education classes on club property are exempt from the escort requirement.


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