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Steve Christian | Indoor Range Chairman509-995-8953 or steveb.christian@gmail.com
  • The indoor Range Facility is open for general use on Monday, Wed & Hopefully Friday evenings from 5pm to roughly 8:30PM though Standard time Months for Pistol caliber use.
  • Tuesday evenings are reserved for the Spokane Rifle Club Junior practice evenings.
  • Thursday evenings, while usually populated by the Juniors, is open to all for small bore (.22 Rimfire only)
  • Several Groups use the facility on the weekends from Sept to May for formal competitions during the daytime, with various club divisions using the facility during weekend evenings.
  • For the 2018 – 2019 Season, the facility has undergone a major lighting upgrade. We have invested in LED range lights and now meet USA Shooting standards for range illumination.
  • Please check the range calendar before you make a trip up!

As a reminder, ANY Brand steel core ammunition is not allowed to be fired at the indoor range as it is harmful to our backstop. Please check you ammo with a magnet to make sure, as some ammo appears to have copper or brass projectiles, when in reality it is plated steel.



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