I’ve decided to take the time to send out a thanks not only to all of the muzzle loaders that I represent, but also to any other members of the Spokane Rifle Club that just happen to read what others have to say on this website. I put out a request to all muzzle loaders to make the effort to attend the Special Meeting on the 17th and last night was pleased to see a good showing from you guys. The other people that came was astounding. I talked to members that have been involved with the club for more than a few decades and they could not remember a higher representation of members. I’ve seen the shotgun house quite full before but that was during a December Annual meeting which included Junior’s members and families in attendance. This Special Meeting was almost entirely Members only.

I want to personally thank any and all of you that went to the trouble to show and cast your ballots, judging by the results it is obvious that the high majority consider the club worth maintaining what we have.

Other members of the leadership team of the SRC have spent more time on this issue than I and I also want to thank them for coming up with the program that was used last night.


Dick Lewis, Muzzleloader Chairman

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