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Action Pistol League

Action Pistol is a shooting sport with a timed and numerically scored course of fire.  The members of SRC’s action pistol league provide a safe and friendly environment where members draw from holster, shoot multiple targets at varied distances, rapidly reload, and develop precision marksmanship in a timed atmosphere — all of these activities take place under strict range safety supervision. Range safety is of paramount importance in the action pistol division and all shooting is done under the careful supervision of a dedicated range safety officer.  In order to participate in the league’s events, all shooters are expected to continually demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the firearm safety rules and safe gun handling skills.

League:   Each league is 10 weeks long and league competition scores are combined into an aggregate match score.  SRC’s action pistol league wholeheartedly embraces new shooters, as well as those shooters that may be new to the sport of action pistol.  The league members enjoy educating and mentoring every shooter in the skills necessary to compete at a high level and also have a good time.

Equipment Requirements:  Shooters may use any safe, serviceable handgun or revolver that is calibered in 9mm or larger.  All handgun styles and calibers compete against each other — in this league, there are no separate competition divisions as there are in many other shooting competitions (IPSC, IDPA, etc).   Holsters used during league events must completely cover the handgun’s trigger guard, be made specifically for the pistol being used, and designed to be worn outside the waistband (OWB).

League Fees:  The league fee is $20 per shooter for 10 week league session. The league session fee covers the targets and range equipment, with the remainder used to put on the end-of-league banquet.  Spokane Rifle Club has a $5 indoor range fee that is paid by each shooter at each match.

  • All Spokane Rifle Club members and spouses are welcome
  • Matches take place on Sundays
  • Mandatory safety meeting for all shooters begins at 4:45 pm
  • Shooting and fun begins at 5:00 pm
  • All shooters are required to attend each match’s safety meeting

If you have questions or if you would like to join us for a match to see what Action Pistol is all about, please reach out to Action Pistol Division Chairman, Rob Wilson (contact info above).



from the division

Longtime SRC Member & Action Pistol Leader Has Passed Away

Dear Action Pistol Buddies, Our dearly loved brother and leader Rob Wilson passed away Tuesday night. Please pray for his wife and children. Rob is loved and dearly missed, but not forgotten! [...]

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