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Danielle Gilb | Women's Division Chairwomanmdkgilb@msn.com

If you are a woman looking for a safe place to learn about firearms and their uses, you have come to the right place!

SRC Women’s Division and the Spokane Chapter of The Well Armed Woman hold regular meetings the second Friday of each month at 6pm at the SRC Indoor Range.

We are a group of ladies from Spokane and the surrounding area, some experienced and some novice, seeking to learn from firearm experts, from each other, and from visiting experts, as we educate, equip, and empower female shooters.

The Women’s Division is lead by a mom of young children, who is also an NRA Certified Instructor.  Regular monthly meetings focus on topics such as firearm safety, firearm basics, firearm selection, shooting fundamentals, defensive shooting, holster selection, non-lethal personal protection options, range etiquette, use of force laws, concealed carry, firearms and children, safe storage methods, and inside and outside the home protection.

In addition to SRC Women’s Division regular monthly meetings, there are also women-only shooting opportunities outside of the monthly meetings.


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