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Dick Lewis

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The Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders hold monthly shoots on the second Sunday of each month (the third Sunday in May so as not to conflict with Mother’s Day) at Spokane Rifle Club.  The Muzzle Loaders’ monthly shoots are hosted by a team of club members and lunch is usually provided for the shoot participants.

Founded in 1962 and member of the National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA), Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders is a competitive, traditional muzzle loading club.

As a club, the Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders believe in the true form of muzzle loading using traditional flintlock and percussion firearms, black powder only, and patched round ball projectiles.

The club competes at a variety of distances ranging from 25 yards to 100 yards, and uses a variety of targets based on the standards set by the NMLRA as well as novelty targets designed by club members.

In addition to the monthly shoots held at Spokane Rifle Club, Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders host an Annual Rendezvous at the Mica Shooting Range each year during the first weekend of June.

Monthly shoot fees are $11 per shooter. Membership is not required to participate in the monthly shoots, however an annual family membership to the Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders is just $15.

Monthly Competitions:

Pistol Competition at 25 yards
3 Rifle Matches at their discretion
1 Rifle Match at the Specific Monthly Aggregate requirement
The Shotgun competition runs from April through October
Optional specialty matches (smooth bore or rifled musket) based on shooter interest

Helpful Links:

Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders FaceBook Page
National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

Contact Information:

For more information about the Spokane Falls Muzzleloaders, please call the club’s president Bill Krels at 509-844-7351 or contact Spokane Rifle Club’s Muzzle Loading Division Chairman (contact info above).



from the division


Weather was much better this month, it was good to see a better turn-out. I have been remiss on mentioning the fact that a number of our member shooters have achieved high marks at territorial [...]


Our Monthly shoot this December turned out to be a nice day, a few inches of snow on the ground but the road in and parking lot were freshly plowed. Its always a good day when temps are above [...]


I’ve decided to take the time to send out a thanks not only to all of the muzzle loaders that I represent, but also to any other members of the Spokane Rifle Club that just happen to read [...]


We had our Monthly Shoot this past Sunday, we were missing quite a few of our regular shooters. It was hotter than usual, we got through it well. Good job guys… On a more serious note I [...]


We come to another years end. Sadly weather must have been a factor in the poor turnout we experienced Sunday. We had less than twenty shooters on the line. I say less than twenty because I [...]


Well gang we managed to pull off another great shooting day. We had twenty-two rifles on the line, some new blood adding to the old mix-up. There were five pistol shooters and some great scores, [...]


I’m going to call that one “Slippery Sunday”. We did have a good time after all the slip’pin and a slide’in. Four matches were run by Jim Konzal and Robert Newton, [...]

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