Turkey Shoot Time for Muzzle Loaders

Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders Enjoy Their Monthly Shoot

I want to report that the Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders held our monthly shoot this past Sunday, November 11, 2018.

The weather was not great but the snow held off for another month.  This month’s shoot was our annual “Turkey Shoot” which involves giving turkeys and such out to shooters according to their standing on the daily aggregate shoot.

For this turkey shoot, there were twenty four rifle shooters competing for turkeys and seven pistol shooters competing on a separate event.  Needless to say everybody “Got the Bird” or in some cases a sliced ham or turkey breast.

Once again I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in what we have to offer.  Please visit the muzzle loaders’ division page for more information about the Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders.

Dick Lewis
Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders Chairman

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