Range Baffle Damage

A Reminder for All of Us

It is incumbent on everyone using our facility to be absolutely certain that their bullets are ending their flight in the designated impact zone. Remember that there is a target between yourself and the impact zone and that the target is set up on a target frame.  On the 100 yard line at Spokane Rifle Club, safety baffles were installed a number of years ago to prevent a bullet from leaving the range while being fired from the bench/shooting area.

The safety baffles are NOT EVER to be considered an impact zone, the impact zone is the dirt backstop at the end of the range.

This also pertains to the 200 yard line and the 25 yard line. On the 25 yard range, there are railroad ties that are used to hold back the sand that makes up the impact zone.  If an individual’s target is set too low their bullets may not strike the sand but rather the railroad ties holding the sand in place.

While on this subject it is also incumbent on every shooter to be certain that the bullet they are sending down range goes through a target on its way to the impact zone — again by setting the target as close to the center of the target frame as possible in order to lessen the occurrence of a bullet striking a target frame.

If are shooting on the line and you happen to notice someone having difficulty keeping their bullets in the impact zone and off of the target frame, please kindly bring it to their attention.  If you would rather someone else take on that responsibility, please bring it to the attention of the range safety officer that is on duty.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

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