The May match was shot under virtually ideal conditions. The match was well attended, with three members of the Stripes family filling in the ranks. It was really encouraging to see three younger gentlemen shooting cast bullets in an organized match, two using rifles that would have been familiar to their great grand fathers.

Goodbye Shotgun Dave. God bless you.

All (33)

ClassRifleCal5-rd agg10 rd aggscore
Stripes, RichardHunterMarlin.30-063.4223.53138-0
Schueler, RayHunterSavage.250 Sav1.9432.015166-0
Barron, DonProductionRem 700 ADL.308 Win1.1421.656173-1x
Stratton, MikeProductionHowa 1500.308 Win1.7381.996178-2x
Young, JoeProductionSavage 12V.308 Win1.7032179-0x
Pinney, BevPlain BaseMusgrave 32×30-30 short0.641.08199-7x
Stripes, MarkHeavyRuger #1.30 BR0.9231.532185-0x
Cairns, JosephMilitary-IssueSpringfield 1903.30-062.5313.313167-3x
Stripes, ThomasMilitary mod ironSpringfield 1903.30-069.119.084122-0x
McClure, RichardMil-ScopeSpringfield 1898.30-402.9663.469194-10x
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