March 2022 Cast Bullet Match.

SRC’s first Cast Bullet Association sanctioned bench rest match will take place on 19 March 2022.   Anyone wishing to participate is welcome.  Membership in the CBA or SRC is NOT required.   It you wish to try it out, you may shoot jacketed bullets for your first match, but scores will not be reported.   Match fee will be waived for the first match.

Details are:  Gates will be open at 7 AM for registration and set up.   Shooting will start promptly at 9:00 AM.   Cost of the match is $20.00.   Lunch will be furnished upon completion of the match.  Participants are expected to score their own targets.   Help is available.  NOTE:  Moving backers are NOT routinely used.   Group scores will not qualify for national records.  If you think that you might challenge a record, a moving backer can be arranged.  Please let the match director know as early as possible.    Shooting, scoring and presentation of awards is generally completed by 2:00.

All SRC range rules MUST be followed.   These are posted at the range and on the SRC web site, at  The schedule for all matches is also available under “Calendar” (Outdoor Range).    Please transport all weapons with the actions open and bolts removed.  Uncase/case weapons ONLY at the bench, pointing downrange.  Do not AT ANY TIME point the muzzle to the rear or side.  When the buzzer sounds and the red light is on, all shooters must be behind the yellow line.  Chamber/action flags must be used.  If you do not have one, ask, and one will be provided.   Please follow all range commands.  If you see anything unsafe, please call for a cease fire and/or notify the match director.

Course of fire as follows:

Sight in:                                                          10 minutes or as needed                              N/A

Bench rest:

4 targets, 5 rounds each for group            10 minutes each target                          20 rounds
2 targets, 10 rounds each for group          15           “              “                                   20 rounds
4 targets, 5 rounds each for score             10           “              “                                   20 rounds

Match total:                                                                   60 rounds + sighters*

Military rifles:

4 targets, 5 rounds each for group            10 minutes each target                    20 rounds
2 targets, 10 rounds each for group          15           “              “                             20 rounds
2 targets, 10 rounds each for score           15           “              “                             20 rounds

Match total:                                                                  60 rounds + sighters*

 *No limit on sighters within time limits.

For those of you new to cast bullet matches, complete rules for both Bench Rest and Military rifles, with description of all classes can be found at:  Under “Matches, Match Rules”.

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