MARCH 2021

Here we are, nearly a year since our last shoot. Last year John Winter and I held the St. Paddy’s match with a Shamrock target. With any hope we will get past this Covid 19 thing and possibly be shooting actively as a group later this spring. I’m not entirely certain but believe we need to be in stage three before the club will again allow sanctioned events, it might coincide with State Park reopening, there is no definite date. Currently only members of the the SRC are allowed to use the facility, those of us that are members have been shooting on a daily basis. Just last week I needed to leave early but was glad to see Mike Russian, Dan Carroll, Bill Krells, Jim Consul, and Robert Newton all on the line, also our new member Dave Sheppard was there. Speaking of new members welcome to Dave and Tana Thornburg, Gary and Melanie Empkey, Dave Sheppard and Sherry Hession, Roger and Joan Grimes.
It was reported that we lost Ron Schaefer after his prolonged illness, he will be missed by all that knew him.
I wish you all well and hope you are able to get some shooting in wherever you have access.


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