We will not be having our June Monthly shoot this coming Sunday. Without any further set-backs due to the Covid-19 issue would should be able to have the July shoot, stay posted for further information.
As many of you may already know, we lost Will Wheeler at the ripe old age of 95. Its been a tough year so far and as was mentioned in our Newsletter all of the people we lost were all our long time members and friends going back many years. As far as we know none of our people died by way of the virus.
The SRC has been open since we entered Stage 2, we are practicing social distancing, some shooters are wearing masks. We have pulled every other bench with eight being available on the fifty/one hundred yard line. The twenty-five yard line is already separated by six feet, there are ten positions available. It is now required that all members carry their I.D. card and until the Covid issue is clear we are not allowing non-members or guests, which was partially the issue with our June Shoot as many of the members of the SFML’s are not members of the SRC.
Lets hope that by July we can put this thing behind us, it will still be the rule at the SRC that all members wear their new I.D. card. There should be someone available on any given day to provide all members with the new card.

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