We come to another years end. Sadly weather must have been a factor in the poor turnout we experienced Sunday. We had less than twenty shooters on the line. I say less than twenty because I turned the sheet Dan gave me with the results of the shoot over to the Treasurer last night. Those of us that were not in a big rush to get home did the best we could to have a great time. Chris Lumm provided an excellent elk stew. I want to extend a big thanks to Chris, Dave and Mike for grabbing shovels and the quad to clear a few paths for us in the snow accumulation. I attended the annual SRC meeting and gave the report on our club, there were less than forty people in attendance and with less than a dozen or so absentee ballots collected we came up well short of the fifty-eight members required for quorum. Therefore, no business could be taken, officer’s positions will be appointed by the board at the January meeting. The dues increase will be tabled, hopefully those with ideas for methods of getting things done will attend meetings in the future.
Black powder is available from our friends at Buffalo Arms in Ponderay, last I checked he has a stock of both Swiss and Schuetzen, higher prices are to be expected although not as bad as smokeless increases from what I’ve seen.
SRC is trying to get the word out there about the club. If anyone has any ideas, we are all ears. There have been many proposals about ways to increase the club’s financial situation ranging from the proposed dues increase, to changing the by-laws. If you are a member of the SRC and want to get involved with the workings of the club, I highly recommend attending a monthly meeting. They are the second Monday of every month at 7:00 pm, all members are welcome and are given an opportunity to speak their mind

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