Cast Bullet August 2019 Match Results

The last cast bullet match of 2019 was held on 24 August. Despite the proximity to the Labor Day holiday, the turn out was good. Some excellent scores were recorded. Ray Schuler recorded a 5 shot group aggregate of under one inch with his hunter-weight Savage. He also claimed smallest group of the day with a 5 shot cluster of just slightly over 0.600 inch. Mark Stripes seemed to warm up with the day and, despite an increasing wind, posted an excellent score of 192-2x. SRC High-Power chairman, Dusty McQuary shot his first cast bullet match and won the Military-Issue 5 shot group section. It seems he may have accumulated a little lead in the bore as the match wore on, perhaps fortunately for his competition. Thomas Stripes had an uncharacteristically tough day. We’ve all had ’em. There’s always next time.

Thanks to the Spokane Rifle Club, the Cast Bullet Association and all the shooters who turned out over the season for making this a successful and fun year (if that’s not redundant). Plans for next year include an attempt to pull off a late January or early February match. The weather may have a say in that.

CompetitorClassRifleCal5-rd gp agg10 rd gp aggscore
Schueler, RayHunterSavage.25 Savage0.9341.944164
Stratton, MikeProductionHowa 1500.308 Win1.352.12162-2x
Stripes, MarkHeavyRuger #1.30 BR1.5421.278192-2x
McClure, RichMil-ScopeSpringfield 1898.30-401.9224.715186-5x
McQuary, DustyMil-IssueRem 03-A3.30-062.57810.59133-2x
Barron, DonMil-IssueWin M-1917.30-063.8135.06182-2x
Stripes, TMil-IssueRock I. 03-A3.30-0611.83311.41102
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