Cast Bullet July 2019 Match Report

The match was held Saturday the 20th, and yielded a rather sparse turn out. Historically, that has been the case for July. In addition, there were other matches scheduled the same day in other parts of the state that likely attracted our plain base and heavy class shooters. Too bad they missed it, as the weather was ideal and some very good scores were recorded (see below). The last match of the year will be held on 24 August.

CompetetorClassRifleCal5-rd gp agg10 rd gp aggscore
Schueler, RayHunterSavage 16.250 Sav1.2181.703179-2x
Barron, DonProductionRem 700 ADL.308 Win1.0291.064182-2x
Young, JoeProductionSavage 12V.308 Win1.0931.625187-1x
Robison, DeanProductionRem 788.30-30 WinDNFDNFDNF
McClure, RichardUnclassifiedMarlin Mod 93.32-402.6873.187172-2x
Tarkenton, RobertMil-ScopeSchmidt Rubin K317.5×552.3364.152163-1x
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