Legislative Update 1/11/2019

The start of th 66th biennium is upon us.  The legislature convenes on Monday, Jan 14th and will run for a 105 day “long” session. Please refer to Gun Owners Action League of Washington website for more details on this process and session details, as this is an abbreviated version (GOAL Post 2019-1).


  • Friday, January 18th, at 9am-12pm on the north steps of the Legislative Building on the Capitol Campus


  • Tuesday, Jan 15th, at 10 am: HB 1010 (disposal of forfeited firearm), by the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee, in the John L. O’Brien Building
  • Thursday, 17 January at 10 a.m: SBs 5072 (extreme risk protection orders, under 18) and 5027 (extreme risk protection orders, under 18), by the Senate Law & Justice Committee in the John A. Cherberg Building



The following links can be used to contact legislators.



Legislative e-mail addresses are available at http://app.leg.wa.gov/MemberEmail/Default.aspx

The link contains a quick tutorial on providing testimony at public hearings on bills under consideration. http://leg.wa.gov/legislature/Pages/Testify.aspx

You may reach your Representatives and Senator by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  The hearing impaired may obtain TDD access at 1-800-635-9993.



HB 1010    Disposition of forfeited firearms by WSP                       Senn (D-41)     H.CR&J  OPPOSE

HB 1022    Prohibiting handgun sale data base                                 Walsh (R-19)    H.CR&J  SUPPORT

HB 1024    Prohibiting gun owner data base                                     Walsh (R-19)    H.CR&J  SUPPORT

HB 1068    High capacity magazine ban                                           Valdez (D-46)    H.CR&J  OPPOSE

HB 1038    Authorizing armed school personnel                              Walsh (R-19)      UnAsg    SUPPORT

HB 1073    Undetectable and/or untraceable firearms                      Valdez (D-46)    H.CR&J  OPPOSE


SB 5016    Authorizing armed animal control officers                     Van De Wege    UnAsg  SUPPORT

SB 5027    Extreme risk protection orders, under age 18                  Frockt (D-46)    S.L&J  OPPOSE

SB 5050    Sentence enhancement for body armor use in a crime     O’Ban  (R-28)   S.L&J  NEUTRAL

SB 5061    Undetectable and untraceable firearms                            Dhingra (D-45)  S.L&J  OPPOSE

SB 5062    High capacity magazine ban                                            Kuderer D-48)   S.L&J  OPPOSE

SB 5072    Extreme risk protection orders                                         O’Ban (R-28)    S.L&J  NEUTRAL


Text of newly filed bills can be found at https://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo . Also on the bill information page are links to “New Introductions” (daily), and at the bottom, “Bills by topic” and “Bill Tracking.

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