High Power Division’s 2019 Year In Review

As always, I would like to thank the board of directors and the entire Spokane Rifle Club membership for their support of safe, fun, and competitive rifle marksmanship.  Our facility is increasingly unique in the variety of shooting sports offered.

2019 was a successful season of rifle competition. Each February the season gets started with a fun match at the 100 yard line.   Snow shovels are frequently required to blaze a trail to the target boards.  In the course of the year our division hosted 4 NRA approved F-Class matches that were planned and directed by Randell Vansant.  Our F Class matches are paired with BPCR matches to optimize valuable range time.  We also hosted 3 NRA High Power, and 4 CMP sponsored tournaments of various formats.  

Notably, Spokane Rifle Club was selected to host the Washington State E. District Championship match. In addition, we were proud to again support the local chapter of Honor Flight with a charity match.  All match proceeds were presented to that organization on behalf of the Spokane Rifle Club.

No program here at the club can survive without the support of member volunteers.  In particular, I’d like to recognize Randell Vansant, Larry Bassett, and Doug Shurtleff for their tireless contributions and help.

The Highpower division supports safety, responsibility, and sportsmanship for all the shooting sports represented by the other divisions, and we appreciate their support too.  2020 will continue that tradition.

Thank you,

Dusty McQuary

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