Spokane Rifle Club will re-open for member use on May 5th.  Yay!  Welcome back everyone!  

The Governor’s directives on public safety remain in force and SRC will do our best to comply.  Sooo, we need to do some things differently than in the past:  

First, you are responsible for your own safety. Observe social distancing and keep 6 feet away. A good rule of thumb is “play only with those you drove with”. The Clubhouse will be closed except for toilets and targets, and the kitchen area will be used by the RSOs for helping new and renewing members. Everyone else must STAY OUT of the Clubhouse!  We’ve moved some picnic tables outside for general use, but remember to “play only with those you drove with”. We will not be providing coffee for the time being, so bring your own or drive off-site to get some.  

Second, you are responsible for your own safety, but we are all responsible for our employees’ safety.  Please, maintain good social distancing.  Please, mind your manners – the RSOs will be making decisions that affect their own health as well as our members’.  Please, be responsible club members.  

IMPORTANT:  If you won’t separate yourself from others, if you won’t maintain a 6’ distance, the RSOs will INSTRUCT YOU TO LEAVE.  On arrival, you will be asked if you have any flu-like symptoms.  If you have any, YOU MUST LEAVE.  We will also read your temperature.  If it is elevated, YOU MUST LEAVE.  Please everyone, many of our members are older and in the highest risk group.  Be courteous and observe every precaution.  Lastly, if any RSO is concerned for his own health for any reason HE WILL ASK YOU TO LEAVE.  The Board fully backs any decision any RSO makes in these matters.  The RSO’s decision is final and binding. 

Third, we want to ensure that no one is at the range who doesn’t belong there.  So, effective immediately, all members must wear their membership badge or they will be asked to leave.  Remember to bring your badge.  If you have not received your badge yet, find the RSO and we’ll get you one.  

Fourth, guests are not permitted until further notice, and the same is true for non-members.  

Fifth, if the range becomes overcrowded and distances cannot be maintained, the RSOs will close the premises at their discretion, and ask everyone to come back on another day.  

Sixth, new members will not be signed up after 5:00 PM

Stay healthy, be safe, and have fun! 

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