Muzzle Loaders Celebrate Year’s End

Muzzle Loaders Celebrate End of 2018 With December Shoot

The Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders celebrated the end of 2018 with another terrific shoot.

We had seven shooters on the pistol line and twenty seven on rifles.  This month we shot at the three inch bull aggregate target at twenty five yards in addition to four other novelty targets.  An excellent lunch was provided for all shooters.

Afterwards we had our monthly meeting followed by our annual blanket awards awarded to top shooter of the day on down the list.  We then had our annual distribution of raffle items that we use to help fund some of our activities, you need not be a member to participate.

This brings to a close the 2018 year of business, and Spokane Fall Muzzle Loaders will begin 2019 with Bill Krels as President.

Dick Lewis
Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders

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