Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders January 2019 Shoot

Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders Open 2019 With A Beautiful Day of Shooting


I’m happy to report that Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders enjoyed the nicest shooting weather I can ever recall in January.  The temps were in the high 30’s with very little frosty ground and even a bit of sun through out the day — beautiful.

As one of the other muzzleloaders, Stan, and I were walking out to targets posted on the 100 yard line we remembered a very different scene for the January 2018 shoot when we had to duck under the baffles because there was a foot of snow on the ground!

We had seven pistol shooters and twenty nine rifles on the line. The match was run by club members Jim and Robert and we enjoyed a remarkable moose steak stew and blueberry cheesecake for lunch.

As the new president, Bill Krels ran the Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders monthly meeting. A good time was had by one and all.

Once again I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in muzzle loading.

Our shoots take place the second Sunday of the month (third Sunday in May) and the next shoot is Sunday, February 10th.

More information about the Spokane Falls Muzzle Loaders can be found under the divisions tab in the menu at the top of the page or by visiting this link.

Dick Lewis
Muzzle Loader Division Chairman

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