RENEWAL | 2024 Annual Club Membership Renewal (Existing Club Members)

$187.50 for 1 year

Annual Club Membership Dues RENEWAL FOR 2024!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  All renewed members will be mailed a 2024 holographic sticker to put on your existing badge. If your membership includes family members with badges, you must include their names and DOB at time of checkout to receive more than 1 sticker.  Please make sure your mailing address is correct, as this is the address your sticker will be mailed via USPS. Until you receive your sticker, have a copy (printed or digital) to show proof of payment to the north range clubhouse on-duty RSO.
Badges must be worn while on club property.

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All Memberships Are Valid For 12 Months. 

SRC is an all-volunteer, member-run organization that has held a place in Washington State history for more than 100 years.

Membership dues are $187.50 per year.  SRC memberships are family memberships which means that the entire family (two adults, dependent children, and grandchildren through the age of 19) is encouraged to use SRC facilities and may do so without paying additional non-member fees.

All Annual Holographic 2024 Stickers will be mailed out to the address on file with your online account promptly after membership renewal has been paid.  Please ensure that your mailing address is listed correctly at checkout.  Be sure to list correct names and birthdates of immediate family members that will be under the family membership and would need a badge.

Until you receive your sticker, retain your receipt (printed or electronic) as proof to the RSO that your membership is current.

Please Remember:  As long as your membership is kept current and it does not lapse, the yearly renewal fee is $187.50.  If a member allows their membership to lapse the individual would need to purchase a new membership and the individual is be required to pay an initiation/administrative fee of $100 in addition to the $187.50 annual membership fee.  As long as the membership is kept current (by paying dues each year) the initiation fee is only due the first year.

As per board decision October 2018, all members must have their badges clearly visible while on club property.