Spokane Rifle Club | 2019 Dues Renewal (Existing Club Members)


Thank you for your interest in Spokane Rifle Club.  An all-volunteer, member-run organization that has held a place in Washington State history for more than 100 years.

Info about your membership:

SRC memberships are family memberships which means that the entire family (two adults, dependent children, and grandchildren through the age of 19) is encouraged to use SRC facilities and may do so without paying additional non-member fees.

Each membership is issued one membership card which lists the singular membership number.  Family members who use the SRC facilities will need to enter the member number to sign in and use the facilities.

Replacement membership cards will not be issued.  However, the on-duty Range Safety Officer can assist you in looking up your member number.

By-laws, updates, board member contact information, and indoor/outdoor range event calendars can be found at www.spokanerifleclub.com.

All members are welcome to attend monthly board meetings at the Shotgun Clubhouse at 7pm on the second Monday of each month, and the annual general membership meeting at 7pm on the second Sunday of December.

We hope to see you on the range!

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In September 2018, the SRC membership voted in favor of a dues increase (the first increase in nearly 20 years). The dues increase was necessary because of the WA voter approved increase in
the state’s minimum wage.

New members pay a one time administrative/initiation fee of $100 in addition to the $125 annual membership fee – membership period is January 1st to December 31st.

New members can pick up their membership card and number at SRC’s North Clubhouse approximately two weeks after joining. Until their membership card is available, in order to use the facilities, new members must sign in with their receipt number — please keep your receipt.


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